The History of the Diamond - Diamond Wedding Rings
02.12.2014 14:43

Diamond wedding rings can be a fairly recent sensation; until about sixty years back, most married couples wore easy rare metal groups. Right now, diamonds wedding band packages are not unusual. There are even gemstone wedding groups for those who like those to diamond wedding rings who have a set rock in them.

The Story of Diamonds Jewelry

Through documented historical past, precious stone precious jewelry has been cherished and popular. However, it wasn't until about 500 years ago that the art and science of diamond cutting was born. Many of the rocks that find their way into diamond wedding rings for women are cut and appraised within the Belgian city of Antwerp, that has been the centre of the diamond company because the mid-1500s.

The DeBeers Company - formed within the 1880s by Sir Cecil Rhodes, for whom the African colony was Rhodesia (now impartial Zimbabwe and Zambia) was known as - was instrumental in creating an artificial market for diamond jewelry, particularly precious stone wedding ring units, exactly where not one got existed formerly. It is true that Archduke Maximilian I of Austria presented his bride, Marie of Burgundy with a diamond wedding ring on the occasion of their wedding in 1477, but that did not set a general precedent. That precedent was required to hang on another 423 yrs.


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